About Me

I am a Colombian Developer and Technical Lead passionate for the software development world with 12 years of experience, certificated in Microsoft C# - HTML-JS-CSS technologies, currently working in masGlobal Consulting Company.

I have skills to generate solutions through knowledge, leadership, synergy, creativity, and ingenuity applied to IT, focusing mainly on the development of the .NET platform software sector; with a human side based on responsibility, respect, humility, honesty, sense of belonging, companionship, tolerance, and leadership that allow me to enjoy working and get an excellent ability to work in teams, with a great spirit to investigate, learn and share the knowledge, getting satisfactory results with quality.

Contact Details

Camilo Jaramillo
Medellín, Colombia
+57 311 612 90 39


Learning Vue.js

Linkedin Learning April 2020

Learning SignalR with ASP.NET Core

Linkedin Learning January 2020

Introduction to Xamarin

Certified CampusMvp June 2017

English Language Certified B1

SMART Academy April 2017

Specialist Certified Solutions Developer 480 Programming in HTML with JavaScript and CSS3

Microsoft - Vive Digital July 2016

SCRUM Master Certified by SCRUM Agile Institute

SEONTI November 2015

Specialist Certified Solutions Developer 483 Programming in C#

Microsoft - Vive Digital December 2014

.NET Level II Certified

CedeSistemas July 2014

English Lenguage Certified

Universal Language Academy May 2011

Informatic Engineer

Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid Institute March 2011


Inem José Felix de Restrepo December 2004


Introduction to Blazor PWA

Virtual August 2020

Introduction to SignalR

Virtual March 2020

Introduction to VS 2019 and C# 8.0

RutaN - MDE.NET April 2019

React + Signal R

RutaN - MDE.NET November 2018

Visual Studio Live Share

RutaN - MDE.NET May 2018

Tips and tricks for VS

RutaN - MDE.NET November 2017

Introduction to Chat Bots

RutaN - MDE.NET May 2017

Introduction to .NET Core

Escuela de Ingenieros August 2016


MasGlobal Consulting

Techinical Lead 27th August 2020 - Present

Full Stack Developer 02th April 2018 - 26th August 2020

AHU SCORE: 3D Web application that manages the information related to Air Handling Units that need to be installed in different places of the world. Angular 2+, three.js, leadership Learning. Currently ongoing.

Selection Navigator: Web application that addresses the evolving internal requirements and customer demands for “ease of doing business” of the JCI Client. Angular 2+ and React JS Learning.


.NET Developer 20th November 2016 - 28th March 2018

Relay: Web application that management the patient´s clinical information of Kindred healthcare institute. Fron-end dev role.

Revenue Management:: Web application to improve the performance and decision making for sell airline tickets of American Airlines company.


Specialist Consultor and .NET Developer 12th January 2016 - 17th June 2016

Certificates: Desktop application (first phase) that generates massive reports about Tax Certificates of BTG's Client.

Extractos: Web application that generates massive reports about Accounts of BTG's Client.

ADS Software

.NET Developer 14th November 2012 - 28th December 2015

Audisoft: Generic information system developed under the Silverlight platform aimed at different customers of the company (EPM, SURA, ISA etc.). The project duration is permanent.

Correlaciones: Information system for internal management on the .NET platform developer - MVC 4.0

Audisoft 2.0: Application ecosystem for the process of migration from Silverlight to HTML5-WEB API.

Intergrupo S.A

.NET Developer 22th February 2010 - 09th November 2012

Seguridad de presas y embalses: WEB 2.0 System information installed in the intranet of the client company EPM in which I participated in the main construction cycle (5 months), which had a big impact on me about learning how to work in teams and especially how the software engineering concepts should be applied.

Portal VIP: Migrating the data access layer of an internal system of the client company EPM.

SGOC: WEB 2.0 System information, which manages purchase orders (requirements) that applies to EPM vendors as part of their business contract. Learning in Enterprise Architect 7.5, which is used to design cases raised and Reporting Services uses for scheduled reports tool. I had a participatory role in that implementation alternatives (in GUI, design, implementation) were proposed.

Salud EPM (Suport Role): Change control system information desk under the Framework 3.5 that handles inter alia that the EPS recoveries EPM provides its employees. Validations on the generation of flat files were performed according to business rules. Improvements have also developed the current system and permanent contact with the client had.

OASIS: WEB 2.0 information System, which manages the network elements of the primary network of the water area system of EPM. Learning a new role as a technical leader and technology to handle the WWF states entities.

Nexos Software S.A

.NET Developer 16th June 2009 - 19th February 2010

• WEB application (confidential safely included) that can handle loan applications of vehicles Sufi Medellin entity makes its customers. The software is used by over 400 users across Colombia. Technically, the model was applied 3 coats to distribute its construction, creating CSS styles, and application of the knowledge acquired on security research was conducted. Native AJAX serve dual layer encryption (SSL-like method / HTTPS only to himself) was implemented.

• Collaboration in the development of several modules of the information system Payroll Billing SUFI - Success Cards, consisting of load and calculate the fees to be paid to the various suppliers of the company. It should read Excel files and capture your information then be processed internally.

• Documenter information system for desktop FRECH Bancolombia. Manuals, user support and configuration ware created - operation and technical.

• Enhancements domestic product called Windows code generator, based on the architecture that you work in the company (model 4 layers).

• Windows Collaboration product called migration cameras, to transfer confidential information to Success Cards SUFI.


.NET Developer 21th November 2008 - 12th June 2009

• Development of "Transcriptor" WEB site for migrating external information "Muisca" system. An investigative process was undertaken to read PDF files in C #, and then convert your information into readable and understandable text and then move your data to a SQL Server database.

• Creation of the WEB application called "interfaces" to migrate certain information from Excel files to another application called Muisca. Knowledge regarding CSS, AJAX (and more specifically with the toolkit control), LINQ-SQL, were applied by incorporating the 3-tier model.


"Spend time with family and friends, practicing sports, going eat, reading books and magazines, traveling, listening to music, going to theaters and cinemas, watching movies-series-documentaries, surfing the web and learning".


  • C# .NET
  • Web API - MVC
  • SQL
  • Azure
  • HTML5
  • Java Script
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • React JS
  • Design Patterns